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Meet the Staff: Dr Dave Williams

Dr. David Williams is a 1991 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anatomy, and Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.

He has post graduate training in Spinal Biomechanics, Evaluation and Treatment of Whiplash Injuries, Cranio-Sacral Adjusting, Holistic Health Care, Nutritional Counseling, and Therapeutic Exercise Training.


What our patients have to say about us:

I notice a huge difference in energy levels between the time when I started my treatment until now. It is really amazing. I am so much more energetic and mentally alert. I have even lost some weight and I’ve been able to keep it off.

James Backer

Finding Whole Body Health was such a blessing for me. I have genuinely experienced relief from my ailments and look forward to further treatments.
Sarah Johnson

Over the past eighteen months, I have seen a total transformation in both my physical appearance and the way I feel. This is the most effective therapy I have received so far.

Jill Mansion

The level of stress that I experienced in my life before I began treatment at Whole Body Health was overwhelming. I feel much better, and am better able to function in my daily life.
Mr. Smith

Dr. Dave is one of a kind. He has truly help me with my pain, and has improved the quality of my life.

Mike Hammond